Townsville Weather & Climate

Townsville has a tropical savannah climate and very unpredictable rain patterns from year to year. Although close to the tropics, Townsville gets less rain than other areas in the region. Winter is dominated by south-east winds and mostly fine weather. Townsville city sits on a coastline that runs east to west; this is strikingly different from other tropical towns on the coast that run north to south and subsequently receive much more rain. Heavy downpours can occur at any time but are usually brief. The winter season mainly consists of warm days and cool nights.

One year's rainfall is often totally different from the next. The year 2000 was the wettest on record with 2400mm and then in 2001 the total rainfall for the year was 467mm - the second driest on record. Even across the city the amount of rain can vary considerably.

North Queensland is a target for cyclones and Townsville gets its fair share of them. Usually occurring between November and May, this is called the cyclone season. The City of Townsville have invested in a robust cyclone education plan and are well equipped to deal with the number of cyclones which tear through the region each year. Still, it's important that visitors remain alert over this period and remember to consult local ABC radio for the most current news and updates.

Typically the weather in Townsville is great for holidays. The average amount of daily sunshine is 8.5 hours with a total of 121 days of clear skies each year.

Townsville Average Monthly Maximum Temperature

Av Max in C313130292725252627293031


Townsville Average Monthly Rainfall

Av Rain mm2743061786633201315102458125